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Dark Phoenix (also known as X-Men: Dark Phoenix) is a 2019 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics X-Men characters, produced by 20th Century Fox and distributed by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the twelfth installment of the X-Men film series, and the sequel to X-Men: Apocalypse (2016). The film is written and directed by Simon Kinberg (in his feature directorial debut) and stars an ensemble cast featuring James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, Tye Sheridan, Alexandra Shipp, and Jessica Chastain. In Dark Phoenix, the X-Men must face the full power of the Phoenix after a mission in space goes wrong.

Coordinated by Simon Kinberg, the film reunites James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Sophie Turner, and others to adjust the Dark Phoenix storyline from the X-Men funnies. The story is a standout amongst the best-known from the X-Men funnies establishment, in which freak Jean Gray is presented to radiation, which support her forces.

We see a touch of this in the trailer: the X-Men head to space and are hit by a “puzzling astronomical power.” Jean evaporates and returns on Earth, and we see her talking with somebody (played by Jessica Chastain), who discloses to her that “in the event that you quit battling that compel inside you, on the off chance that you grasp it, we will have the very intensity of a divine being.” That spells inconvenience for the remainder of the X-Men, who need to figure out how to contain that power and spare their companion.

The film is the spin-off of 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse, The Dark Phoenix storyline was initially shrouded in Brett Ratner’s 2006 film X-Men: Last Stand, yet when the establishment’s timetable was reset with 2014’s X-Men: Days of Future Past, Fox had a chance to give the story another possibility. The studio discharged its first trailer the previous fall, flaunting the threat that Jean Gray’s forces posture to the world, and the complicity that Professor Xavier (played by McAvoy) has in her development.

Dull Phoenix has had a lengthy, difficult experience to get to theaters. Shooting started in 2017, the film was initially expected to be in theaters in March 2018, just to get pushed back to February 2019, and again to June 2019, after test screenings incited various reshoots. With Disney’s approaching procurement of 21st Century Fox, this film will likewise likely be the last portion of this specific establishment, as it appears to be likely that characters will be collapsed into Disney’s bigger Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ahead of time of another trailer dropping (purportedly) tomorrow evening amid The Tonight Show, Fox and released this new blurb for Dark Phoenix. Indeed, it’s an all out photoshop work, yet it really looks entirely respectable. What’s more, in the event that I may, it inclines toward the entire “this is a X-Men motion picture” vibe more than the earlier advertising materials. Truly, I get that Simon Kinberg and companions need to consider this to be a character piece about a young lady losing control of her forces, however this isn’t Hugh Jackman’s swan melody as Wolverine or the eagerly awaited solo flick for Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. This is the fourth X-Men portion of the “new” group (First Class in 2011, Days of Future Past in 2014 and Apocalypse in 2016) and managing characters that are eminent simply because they are among the X-Men.

What’s more, trusting that people will appear for a secured down character dramatization about this rendition of the X-Men group is something of a hazard since First Class wasn’t a hit and Apocalypse wasn’t very much loved. Along these lines, indeed, we see the entire development of this publication isolating the different freaks into basically a mammoth “x,” with Sophie Turner’s Jean remaining in the center strangely wearing an outfit much the same as the one Famke Janssen wore in X-Men: The Last Stand. That has been the film’s most concerning issue hitherto from an expectation viewpoint. The primary mystery trailer plays significantly preferred on an IMAX screen over it does on a PC (stunner, I know) and furthermore plays much better as one of a bunch of trailers appearing instead of a viewing the trailer as an independent “event.”But despite the fact that my 11-year old (who isn’t a X-Men enthusiast) thought it looked quite great as an independent “teenager young lady grapples with her forces” drama, the principal trailer looked dreadfully reminiscent of the 2006 adaptation of this “Dull Phoenix” story. In all actuality, I never thought retelling this circular segment was a smart thought since the general groups of onlookers won’t get or think about a similar story being told twice. Also, such as executing Gwen Stacy in Amazing Spider-Man 2 or incorporating Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness, it might be an instance of distancing the general gatherings of people for pacifying a (moderately) minority fanbase. In any case, in case you will do it, you gotta truly separate from The Last Stand. Make it progressively fantastical, make it increasingly close to home (alright, up until this point/so great on that scale), don’t utilize such huge numbers of beats from Brett Ratner’s set of three capper and, maybe, you probably won’t kill off Jean this time.

I have no clue how the film will end (and on the off chance that I did I wouldn’t let you know), yet I am interested if the story will play as assumed. To begin with, it’ll be a decent difference in pace if the motion picture about a young lady losing control of her forces (which read on the page as a quite explicit allegory for a young lady assuming responsibility for her sexual office being seen by her friends as getting to be detestable) not finishing off with her sad passing. At any rate, it would change the idea that the most imperative thing about Jean is that she in the long run broke awful and kicked the bucket. Second, keeping her alive would permit the Days of Future Past congruity to stay unblemished, to the degree that a wonder such as this issues. Also, if this truly will be the stopping point for the Fox X-Men establishment (before the IP gets rebooted inside the MCU), it is pleasant to end the story on a to some degree cheerful note, regardless of whether apparently Logan focuses to a terrible future in any case.